Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Descriptive Text and Working Title

CCA's Ecology of Research Graduate Seminar Event
Transfer of Knowledge
Dec. 8, 2009
Studio for Urban Projects
3579 17th Street (between Dolores & Guerrero)

project, research, performative, feedback loop

As the closing of the semester bestows us, the Ecology of Research seminar will embark on an experimental project in knowledge transmission. The project uses Hannah Hurtzig's Mobile Academy as a starting point.

For Transfer of Knowledge 09, a program has been designed with strict parameters for time, space and roles. The class is made up of eight artists and curatorial practitioners from this point on referred to as "primary researchers". Each primary researcher will invite a person connected to their field of interest, an "expert". There will be eight tables, each with two chairs; one for the "expert" and one for a guest. A limited amount of guests will be invited to sign up for 15 minute sessions with each invited "expert". At the end of each 15 minute session the guest will be asked to pass on the knowledge they have acquired to another
guest. The evening will culminate with a structured discussion where the guests who had first contact with the "experts" will compare their exchange with the guest who had only received the passed down knowledge.

Special drinks and light snacks will be served.

Nona Caspers

Nona has confirmed and will join us.
See her work:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

to do:
-contact invitees
-create a scenario, play it out in your head or on paper before
tuesday, print it out and present it on tuesday next
-think of writers/documenters who could come.
-food thoughts. we could ask leif to do something for it if he is available. he is good and will take care of everything.

Welcome to this blog where 9 people are having a conversation about project to happen on the eighth day of December in the ninth year of of two thousand...the first decade is almost over.