Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Welcome to this blog where 9 people are having a conversation about project to happen on the eighth day of December in the ninth year of of two thousand...the first decade is almost over.


  1. I have invited Ignacio Valero to come to our event to talk to people about neuroasethetics. He is a professor at CCA. Here is some information on his background for you:

    Ignacio Valero is a current associate professor of Humanities and Sciences at CCA. He has also taught at the University of Madrid, University of the Andes, and Xavier University of Columbia.

    Ignacio was formerly with the International Center for Environmental Education, CIFCA, and the United Nations environment and development programs UNEP and UNDP. He was a senior associate with the Colombian Science Foundation, deputy director of Colombia's Environmental Protection Agency, and a member of the presidential advisory council for the writing of the new Colombian constitution.

    Ignacio's current interests include the political economy of the image, consumption, desire, and the society of the spectacle; environment, globalization, and the commons; and the aesthetic, philosophical, and cultural dimensions of "archaic modernity" in science fiction, anime, gender and sexual difference, mass media, and sociopolitical development. He is also interested in understanding practices leading to critical and creative pedagogies, and he is working on a poetry manuscript.

    He has given lectures on neuroasthetics in his perceptions class at CCA. I think he will be perfect for this event because is very lively person to be around and is very passionate about what he talks about. He has not confirmed yet, but I will let you know when he does. _ Amber Stucke